Born to Run: Everett and Their 20/20 Cycle’s Kalakala – Kyle Kelley

Born to Run: Everett and Their 20/20 Cycle’s Kalakala
Words and photos by Kyle Kelley

They sweat it out on the back roads of an American Dream, riding through the mountains on a life saving machine. Sprung from the city on a one way line, polished wheels moving them forward most of the time. Everett let us in, we wanna be your friend. We’ll ride till we drop, and we’ll never look back again.

The above words are from a song Bruce Springsteen never wrote, but I’m almost positive he would if he ever met Everett Ó Cillín. They are so enthralled with hitting the road that I wasn’t sure that they knew any other way of life until I read their profile on Adventure Cycling. A life revolving around art galleries, alternative education, artistic research, working at non-profits, and most importantly getting lost in the woods on their bicycle. Everett is equally comfortable working in museums like the MoMa or shooting the shit and drinking the boys under the table at whatever local bike shop they happen upon in their travels.

I became acquainted with Everett when they reached out to me to discuss routes for a tour they were planning. They needed to get from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree for an artist residency and wanted to make the journey fun. We bounced ideas off one another for awhile and the route Everett ultimately mapped out was hard enough to make most people call them crazy and shake their heads in disbelief. They decided to go straight up the San Gabriel Mountains, along the ridge and then over Mt Baldy to the high desert. With their route settled Everett shipped their bike to Golden Saddle Cyclery to be built up.

Everett’s 20/20 Cycle Kalakala is purpose built and can be configured to handle just about any bicycle tour you could imagine. Complete with DFL Stitchworks bags. This bike has never had a place to call home, Everett has been riding it around the world for the last couple years and with that in mind I had no question about its ability to make it over the mountains I call home and to the Southern California High Desert that I love. Since photographing this bike it’s changed only ever so slightly with the addition of one more National Park badge to the fender, Joshua Tree.

Next time we wanna go with you, Everett we were born to run!

P.S. If you happen to meet Everett someday, ask them what hobo tattoos and Bruce Springsteen mean to them.


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